This document was last modified on: March 20, 2023

We are only willing to link and cause referrals to websites that we believe are safe and respectful of the rights of their visitors as well as the performers and rights holders whose content is displayed.

We strive to be as inclusive and objective as possible in determining whether websites meet our criteria. At the same time, we wish to minimize the risk of us (inadvertently) promoting and driving visitors to websites which we cannot support based on our values, ethics, and legal obligations.

Our rules

Notice and Action Policy

If you believe that any content (linked to) on our website violates our Acceptable Content Policy, you may let us know in accordance with our Notice and Action Policy. Upon receipt of your notice, we will respond in accordance with our Policy.

Laws applicable to our websites, which we comply with

Laws of the Netherlands

As we are a company established in the Netherlands, we first and foremost comply with the laws of the Netherlands. We believe that the laws of the Netherlands are generally liberal towards and suitable for adult content that complies with our values and rules as described above.

Other laws

In addition, we do our utmost to ensure that we comply with the laws of any country where we actively try to attract visitors to our websites.